What is the British College of Integrative Medicine?

The British College of Integrative Medicine's Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine is aimed at medical doctors, postgraduate nurses and other graduate healthcare professionals.

This groundbreaking course will define the role and educational standards of the Integrative Medicine team in order to establish a benchmark for the public, healthcare professionals and employers to recognise those who are thoroughly and reliably qualified in Integrative Medicine.

The education of Integrative Medicine health professionals to date is all self-directed and, as a result, those using IM in their working titles may have vastly different levels of skill, experience and knowledge. This has serious disadvantages both for the public and for the profession. For the public there is no formal way to judge the level of training, skill, knowledge or experience of a doctor practising Integrative Medicine, and the choice of an IM doctor for example will come down to a combination of word of mouth recommendations, marketing and charisma.

It is essential that a regulatory structure is established for doctors, nurses and the whole healthcare team working in this field, and that this is moderated by each discipline in their own field. Traditionally, all the specialist colleges of medicine have been implemented by practitioners of their own discipline (e.g. surgeons, physicians, nurses, and GPs).

As a result, Integrative Medicine will become more widely recognised as a medical speciality, with defined career pathways and ultimately posts for Integrative Medicine doctors, nurses, consultants and medical teams within the NHS and Public Health services.
What is BCIM